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The company Aicad was born in 1957 but the footwear tradition goes back to 1921: on March 31th Gustavo Pedrotti, father of the founder Alfeo, gets his shoemaker diploma. When Alfeo turns seven, he starts helping his father and learning the job. He’s a very undertaking kid and, as a boy, he moves to Norway and Finland where he works as a footwear model maker.

Around the mid 50’s Alfeo invented the first après-ski boot, inspired by the Lapps’ shoes. He started producing them with his father in his own kitchen. Shortly thereafter he moved into a stable and eventually into a workshop in Trento, Italy. Soon the production increased and started to include other leather products like hats, gloves, handbags, curious banana shaped haversacks and even fur coats.

Alfeo found support in his five sisters: Annamaria, Itala, Carmen, Adriana and Donatella, (bearers of the names whose initials form AICAD). In 1964 they moved into their new factory on Via Valsugana in Trento, where the company is still based.

At the end of the 70’s Alfeo conceives the famous “Boom 80”, the first plastic boot for hunting and fishing which is still produced today! This product was a real revolution in the industry and solidified the innovative tone and culture the company was founded on. This innovative tone was the primary dogma that Alfeo transmitted to his children. In 1986 Lille, 21 years old, and Luca 24 years old, took the helm of the company. This was another critical moment for the company: the pair quickly steered the company to a new innovative direction riding the wave of an emerging sport: snowboarding. They began producing soft and comfortable snowboard boots, that were a extreme derivation from the traditional stiff ski boot.

This ability to change and adapt to new trends, lead them to create a fresh new footwear product. Light and comfortable, yet strong and resistant, perfect for sports and leisure. The LIZARD sandals are born! In the stale market of the traditional leisure sandals Lizard creates a comfortable yet stylish alternative. Very soon the sandals absorbed all the company’s energies.

In time Aicad has expanded its structure distributing other brands.
Today the warehouse of the company stores brands like Egos.

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